IWD | 003 | Emjanero


IWD | 003 | Emjanero


IWD | 003 | Emjanero


For our 3rd instalment of our International Womens Day series, we have called up our very own multi-faceted Emjanero... "Hot girl music connoisseur” - Emjanero is the newest name sprouting amongst Glasgow & Edinburgh’s club scenes. After spending 4 years at the epicenter of Scotland’s nightlife culture, Emma is now paving her way from the desk to the dancefloor - presenting mixes with no boundaries, and taking you on a journey through italo, house, breakbeat, acid, electro, techno and beyond. “It’s best to not set expectations - except that it’ll be funky".

Tell us a bit about yourself?

Known as Emma by day at FLY HQ, and Emjanero by night in the DJ booth. I've been involved in the industry for the past 4 years, and been with FLY for almost 2 years now working as their Designer for Open Air/Otherlands & Bookings Coordinator for Otherlands. The team encouraged me to start mixing properly after a discussion about a lack of females in the scene, so now I can add DJ to that list of "titles".

How did you get into DJ’ing?

I had always wanted to learn how to mix since I started working in the industry but never had the time or confidence. However when lockdown came around in 2020, my flatmate Lucy & I made a pact that this was our one opportunity to get stuck at it. Longing for a sense of normality we would spend every Saturday night playing about with tracks & trying to master beatmatching. When the world opened up again I forgot about it, until last summer when FLY booked me to play Cab Vol, which really made me kick into gear & start taking it seriously.

What’s in the pipeline for you right now?

Lots of gigs!!! I'm playing a lot in Glasgow over the next few months, with a couple Edinburgh shows & my London debut in May. In the meantime, I'm just digging for tunes & getting as much practice in as possible.

What’s been the best moment in your career so far?

I played Sub Club for the first time in February - the place where my career started. They hired me in 2019 & my view of the scene had been built around their values & music, I never once thought I'd have the pleasure of stepping behind the booth. I was terrified the entire time but received amazing feedback, and the set has given me some really exciting opportunities too which I'm excited to share soon. It felt like a full circle moment - a merge between the old & the new.

Which woman do you look up to the most?

It's really hard to pinpoint one - we're really lucky in Scotland to be surrounded by a bustling music scene where there's always female talent emerging, in both the DJ & live scenes which is super inspirational to see. I'm also surrounded by a bunch of sound c*nts who I'll forever be grateful for & look up to.

What’s your guilty pleasure tune?

I believe that no track can be a guilty pleasure, I take great pride in my music taste no matter how lame the track or artist may seem and I'm still waiting for the perfect opportunity to blast Get Outta My Way by Kylie Minogue in the club. A friend recently told me if you lean far enough into the lame it can become cool and I fully stand by it. Confidence is key.

Favourite club?

It's a toss up between Subbie for the history & club design, and Sneaky's for the intimacy.

Biggest inspo?

Charli XCX always.

Festival or club?

Nothing beats the energy of a dark sweaty club at peak time.

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