FLY Selects 003: Smart Casual


FLY Selects 003: Smart Casual


FLY Selects 003: Smart Casual


Jeans and Sheux welcomed, but not mandatory.

On Friday 16th December, we welcome Smart Casual, the brainchild of Glasgow based Tony Q and Et Al. Dan Leggett takes a step out from being 1/2 of t e s t p r e s s to join Smart Casual as his alias Tony Q (aka Tony Quine) with Al Mackay, who goes by Et Al. The duo met in Aberdeen whilst at University and now are at the helm of underground club culture with a humorous twist having monthly nights at Broadcast on Sauchiehall Street, branded as Smart Casual. The night pokes fun at a particular bloke core dresscode - which almost feels like an inside joke that we are all in on. The night takes on themes, but not in a 90's rave or 80's throwback kind of way, but more in a "Dad’s on holiday" or "Double Denim and Sheux encouraged” style. Musically, the duo take on donks and edits and punters are told to expect anything. Ahead of the boys taking on the vaults, we took the time to have a chat before it boots off.

Tell us a bit about how you started Smart Casual… What was the inspiration behind the night?

Al- I think basically, if there was going to be a sincere aim to the night (bar an excuse to play the silliest stuff we never get a good chance to play in our individual sets) it’s trying to create a curated night of a wide scope of music, to an audience who don’t realise they love it yet. 

It’s interesting because a lot of nights now - at least from the ones in SWG3 since I’ve started there - have been almost aligning with Smart Casual kinda tunes, but that is almost becoming the norm. Big shift in *the scene* at the moment.

Dan- Honestly what Al said plus, I just, personally, want an excuse to really push the envelope of silly tunes and a faster pace. The industry is definitely getting faster, but it’s possibly becoming less fun. It feels like it’s all about the biggest shows, biggest lineups etc, but I think what we have is sort of a counter culture to that where it’s about authenticity and not taking yourself too seriously. 

Who’s your style inspo? 

Within a Smart Casual context, it varies on the month. While the absolute titan of trousers Simon Cowell remains the golden benchmark for the entire scene, we’ve run with the concept month to month, with All U Need joining us for the “Da’s on holiday” vibe last month and then some confusing editions where the sheux are the only core element of the fit…

Describe Smart Casual in 1 song?

Al- Unequivocally and unapologetically it’s Britney Spears - Toxic (Lobsta B edit).

Dan- This is a tricky one as Al has already picked the best one possible, but I’ll try with Pink Pantheress- Break it off (Donnay Soldier remix).

What’s your favourite club?

Dan- Tunnels Aberdeen, only one correct answer.

What do you enjoy most about DJing?

Dan- For me, it’s just about crowd engagement and the energy that gives you, which transports you into that flow state (rare) where everything sounds perfect and it feels like you could mix anything (rarer). 

Rapid fire:

Top gear hosts or rugby da’s?

Al- Rugby da’s.

Dan- Richard Hammond is a bit of me. 

What came first, jeans or sheux?

Al- Sheux, but the two are a symbiotic pairing that create this “culture” defining imagery.

Dan- The sheux have been around since the romans wore sandals, but they are nothing without a fresh pair of Wrangler bootcuts.

Smart or Casual?

Al- Casual everyday tbh.

Dan- I live in trackies so probs casual.

Club or festival?

Dan- Club, although campsite shenanigans at festivals do rank highly in my books.

Glasgow or Aberdeen?

Al- For the overall quality, Glasgow trumps Aberdeen, but there was this really magical period (2017-2019) With the most insane afterparty culture - shoutout Spital Holy House, 477 & 530.

Dan- Aberdeen for after party culture and just pure hedonism, but Glasgow probs pips it just for how much is going on and the variety of clubs there are.

Simon Cowell or Richard Hammond?

Al- Mr Cowell.

Dan- As said before, I’m team Hammond.

Britney edits or Blink 182 bootlegs?

Al - Britney edits, until I can find the perfect “I miss you” edit.

Dan- What Al said, but I do have a My Chemical Romance donk remix which really scratches my nostalgic band itch. 

The pair take the vaults this Friday alongside a special guest - Aberdeen’s finest, Massie. Tickets available now on Resident Advisor. Jeans n Sheux encouraged.

Pope with Sheux (circa 2022)

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